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The work in the lab focuses on the spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC), which is a conserved mechanism that ensures equal segregation of chromosomes during mitosis. In particularly we are interested in understanding how a single incorrectly attached kinetochore can arrest a cell in mitosis for hours until the error has been corrected. Furthermore once the last kinetochore attaches there is a rapid removal of inhibitory complexes and we are trying to understand how the complexes disassemble.

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A cell at metaphase stained for chromosomes (blue), microtubules (red) and kinetochores (green).





July 2016

Our PP2A-B56 motif paper

online in Molecular Cell

click here


July 2016

Our two pool BubR1 paper now

online at Nature Communications

click here


March 2016

Our Cdc20 phosphorylation paper

is now online at

Nature Communications

click here