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The kinetochore

The kinetochore is composed of approximately 80 proteins present in multiple copies and a sub-complex referred to as the KMN network (KNL1-Mis12-Ndc80 network) is able to bind directly to microtubules. Within the KMN network the Ndc80 complex, composed of Ndc80, Nuf2, Spc24 and Spc25 plays an important role in binding to microtubules via the calponin homology domains (CHDs) of Ndc80 and Nuf2 and the unstructured N-terminal tail of Ndc80. The binding of the Ndc80 complex to microtubules is negatively regulated by the error correction machinery through the direct phosphorylation of residues in the N-terminal tail of the Ndc80 subunit by Aurora B. In addition the KNL1 subunit of the KMN network has microtubule binding activity and both the Ndc80 complex and KNL1 contributes to the overall microtubule binding activity of the kinetochore. The KMN network is crucial for the recruitment of checkpoint proteins to the kinetochore and likely integrates the SAC and proper microtubule binding.





July 2016

Our PP2A-B56 motif paper

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July 2016

Our two pool BubR1 paper now

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March 2016

Our Cdc20 phosphorylation paper

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Nature Communications

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