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By using novel genome-wide screening techniques, we catalogue DNA abnormalities present in cancer cells and use these as a starting point for functional studies on the epigenetic, transcriptome and proteome levels.

We currently focus on the following research fields:

- Mechanisms underlying the formation of chromosome aberrations in childhood cancer cells, in particular mitotic segregation errors, with a focus on neuroblastoma, Wilms tumour and other childhood tumours

- Genotype-phenotype correlations at the cancer cell level, in particular genetic and epigenetic disturbances of embryonic cellular differentiation. By understanding how mutation affects cancer cell phenotype we aim to clarify the evolutionary principles driving carcinogenesis. We also use this approach to find novel biomarkers for prognostics and diagnostics

- In silico simulations of clonal evolution in cancer, based on empirical estimates of mutation rates and clonal diversity.

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July 2016

Our PP2A-B56 motif paper

online in Molecular Cell

click here


July 2016

Our two pool BubR1 paper now

online at Nature Communications

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March 2016

Our Cdc20 phosphorylation paper

is now online at

Nature Communications

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